How To Build Self-Esteem For Your Personal Growth?

top self help booksHow many times have you missed out on an opportunity because of your lack of self esteem? Have you ever turned into a sweating, stumbling mess at a job interview, and completely forgot the answer to a simple question and failed completely – even though you know you are right for the job?

Have you ever stuttered your way through a conversation with someone you are attracted to, and known straight away that you have blow your chances with them?

Building self-esteem is probably one of the most important things you can do towards your own personal growth. This is because having high self confidence makes everything else in your life so much more pleasant!

To make sure you never miss out on a potentially life-changing opportunity again, here are three easy steps to building self-esteem.

First, Seek Your Own Council

Building self-esteem begins with seeking your own Council when it comes to your self-worth. This is because no matter how hard you work to develop self esteem, there will always be external opinions or circumstances which will seek to tear down your self confidence. Think about it, even the most incredible people in the world are often at the butt of other people’s disproval. The difference is that someone who has unshakable self-confidence always makes sure that they seek their own council above anyone else’s.  They never give exterior circumstances or other people the power to validate them.

TIP: Start paying attention to how often you allow outer circumstances or the opinions of others to chip away at your self-confidence. This alone will give you the power to interrupt this self-limiting pattern and to change it for the better.

Second, Have a Definite Purpose

Having a definite purpose on which to focus your energy is essential to building self-esteem that is indestructible in the face of any circumstance. This is because your definite purpose will help you to develop character trait of decisiveness, which is a clear sign of rock solid self-confidence. Just think about all the people you know who are insecure…I bet you a dollar that they are also indecisive as a result of being unclear about what they want. Now, finding a definite purpose can seem like a big challenge at first. But you’d be amazed at how easy it is once you start seeking your own council and turning off the exterior “noise” which is distracting you.

TIP: Start keeping a daily journal and write down questions about what your definite purpose is. Don’t try to answer them at first, just write them down and then start writing whatever comes to mind. This will help you to clarify your thoughts and develop a better understanding of what your definite purpose is.

Third, Change Your Inner Dialogue

Your self-confidence is a direct result of the way that you talk to yourself. Just think about how quickly you can destroy someone else’s confidence by the way that you talk to them…or how quickly you can build their confidence up. The same is true when it comes to the way you talk to yourself…only it’s more intense because you are listening to yourself 24/7. This is why changing your inner dialogue through use of positive affirmations is the most powerful way to start building self-esteem. The easiest way to develop your positive affirmations is to ask yourself how you would speak to someone else if you wanted to help them boost their confidence.

Then, you simply write down your answers and read them aloud every day, once in the morning and once in the evening. For really fast results, look in the mirror while you do it…look yourself right in the eye.

Now, go put these simple strategies into practice and before you know it you’ll be building self-esteem which will make it easier for you to use the skills and talents which you possessed for years.