California Psychics Rip Off Review

California Psychics was founded in 1995, has been one of leading psychic networks in the market. California Psychics helps people with relationships and careers. When you search “California Psychics Rip Off”, you will find some unhappy experiences with them. But is California Psychics really a scam, fake or fraud? We will look at their hiring process, satisfaction guarantee and other aspects to figure out what’s the real deal.

Psychic Screening Systems

There are two different ways to build a psychic network. If we know how they work, it will help us make wiser decision on how to find a good psychic we want. That’s why there is homework to do before you really talk to somebody for advice, no matter it is for love, career or life.

As you may know, many psychic networks including Keen Psychics or Liveperson don’t screen their psychics at all. Those psychic networks only provide a platform, virtually everybody can apply with them to be an expert providing live psychic reading or other services. In fact, you only need to fill out an online application form.

In contrast, California Psychics has a strict psychic screening process, only 2% psychics who apply to California Psychics meet their strict criteria with regard to accurate predictions, compassion and a professional demeanor.

With California Psychics and alike, the obvious advantage is that it’s easier to find a good psychic for your reading, because they have been screened and tested for you by the psychic networks. Of course, those psychic networks must be the trusted and reputable ones first.

On the other hand, although Keen Psychics or Liveperson don’t screen their psychics by themselves, the market will do. This is the so-called invisible hand. Keen Psychics or Liveperson has a huge database of psychics, who’s the good, who’s not, only the market will tell.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

California Psychics states that on their website: we don’t guarantee that our psychics’ predictions will come true, but we do our best to ensure that you enjoy the reading. To ensure your satisfaction with your reading experience, we offer a guarantee on your most recent reading. For example, they will credit your account in California Psychics dollars for the equivalent of up to 20 minutes for the reading in question.

If you take a close look at many other psychic networks, California Psychics is very competitive on this issue.


What we found many customers like most is that California Psychics offers free email reading by their real psychics. If you do it with Keen psychics, it may cost you about 20 dollars. For new customers, California Psychics only charges $1 per minute. Talk to a psychic for a $1/minute .

Of course, the most important is that you can get invaluable advices from them, that’s priceless.

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