Self Help Books:“The Power of Now” Review

the power of now by Eckhart TolleThis “The Power of Now” Review is based on my experience and reading of the bestselling self-help book by Eckhart Tolle. But before we get into this “The Power of Now” Review, I want to share a few personal observations about the experience of living in the now and being present. Being present is probably one of the most alien ideas in the Western world. Especially in North America, there is so much focus on being goal oriented and productive that many of us are less productive that we’re capable of being and don’t even realize it. We extend too much of our energy thinking about what might happen in the future, whether it’s good or bad, and many of us are operating at only a sliver of our potential because we are not ourselves fully to the moment.

That said, if you’re someone who has been raised in the environment of being focused on either the past or present, the message in this book is going to challenge the way that you think…and in a good way. But it’s important to be prepared to learn some of the things that become habits so that you can receive the full benefit of living in the now.

So let’s get into our “The Power of Now” Review so you’ll know what to expect from reading and using this book.

“The Power of Now” Review: The Basic Message

The basic message of The Power of Now is that the strongest force of influence, passion, motivation and happiness that you possess is the ability to give yourself fully to the present moment. This means that your thoughts are completely focused on your surroundings, the people who you are interacting with and your current circumstances. If you learn to do this properly, you’ll have no reason to worry about the future or dwell on the past. Instead, having 100% of your potential energy focused on the present will help you to create a life which is full of happiness, purpose, prosperity and good health.

As you read this book, your awareness will begin to open as to how many things in your environment are distracting you from living in the now. But you also begin to realize how many things are within your mind that are causing you to focus your attention and energy on the past, or even the future, and keeping huge chunks of your potential from “participating” in your life, which can only occur within the present moment. You’ll begin to realize that achieving your full potential as a human being means committing everything that you have to the present…which is really all there is to life anyway.

Now as a second part of my “The Power of Now” Review, I’m going to make a recommendation as to how you can get the most out of reading and using this book. First I recommend that you go in with a specific objective is to how you are going to use this material. There needs to be a specific area of your life that you’re ready to make a change in right away so we can start putting these principles into practice. I say this because the concept of living in the now is so foreign to the majority of people that you run the risk of reading it and forgetting it right away.

But if you use this information to take action in changing a part of your life, you’ll be much more likely to retain it and internalize it as a part of your personality, your thought process and your character.

As a conclusion to my “The Power of Now” Review, I would normally be telling you what the downsides are, but honestly there don’t seem to be any when it comes to this book or its message. If you’re a person who is interested in personal growth and empowerment, I’ll just tell you to get it and use it. I wish you much success and that you get as much out of this resource as I have…thanks for reading my “The Power of Now” Review!