Wealth Affirmations: The Secret to Attracting Wealth

Wealth_Affirmations_the_law_of_attraction_moneyThe secret to attracting wealth is nothing new, but it’s not something which many people practice consistently enough to make it work…which is the only reason why it’s considered to be a secret at all. You might have heard of it referred to as the Law of attraction which states that you can manifest prosperity into your life by focusing your thoughts and emotions on the vision of already having the prosperity that you want.  As impossible as this might sound, the Law of attraction has been used by some of the most accomplished and successful people in history including: Leonardo Davinci, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Thomas Edison, Einstein, JD Rockefeller, Dale Carnegie and countless others.

In fact, evidence of knowledge of the law of attraction and its power to manifest prosperity goes all the way back to the ancient Babylonians. The major difference between whether or not the secret works for someone is if they truly dedicate themselves to learning and applying it. So if you’re tired of seeing other people having the things that you want and deserve, here are three things you can do to start using the secret to attracting wealth…

How to Use The Secret to Attracting Wealth

The following five steps were adapted from  Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich,” which is comprehensive and practical book ever written on the secret to attracting wealth:

1. Set an exact goal

You have to know exactly how much wealth you want to accomplish the your subconscious mind is a specific goal to focus on and to build a plan of action for acquiring. For example, if your objective is to become a millionaire, set one million dollars as your exact goal, and don’t worry about how you’re going to do it…that will come later.

2. Set a deadline for acquiring it

Setting will help you to build a sense of urgency that will prevent you from procrastinating. Any wish which does not have a deadline is in danger of becoming just that…a wish.

3. Determine your contribution

No matter what you want out of life it’s impossible to receive for any definite amount of time without being willing to give something in return. So determine exactly what you’re willing to give in exchange for the wealth that you desire, and make sure it’s something which you’re passionate about.

4. Create a plan and get started…ready or not

Plans give you a specific direction to focus your energy on so that you don’t get distracted by the thousands of other things which would steal your energy away from pursuing your goal. When you create your plan, just remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect at first. The most important thing is that you start taking action whether you are ready or not, understanding that success will come about as a result of learning from what’s working and what’s not working and adjusting your plan accordingly.

Write it out and “rehearse” it twice a day

This is the most important step because it’s the means by which you engage your subconscious mind and recondition yourself to automatically choose actions, thoughts and beliefs which propel you towards your goal. The act of rehearsing your goal is one of the most important steps in the secret to attracting wealth. You can do it by means of reading your plan aloud, creating a vision board, watching mind movies, creative visualization, self hypnosis or any other means of creating a vivid image of your goal  and your plan which inspires you to take consistent action towards achieving.

It’s really that simple, and the sooner you get started on this process the sooner you’ll be one of the few who has a solid understanding of the secret to attracting wealth.